Nathaniel Ru, Creating a New Standard for Fast Food

Sweetgreen is creating a new standard for the modern fast food industry. Their goals for their salad-chain are organic, healthy, local and fresh. With 40 locations that are all consistently busy and popular with local populations, the profits alone are showing how much customers are appreciating their standards and business models.

The co-founders, Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Johnathon Neman, are completing their goal of providing higher-quality food for all their customers, while still remaining ‘fast food’.

They are bucking against the standards of fast food that have been propagated in the US for years now. Sweetgreen does not even have a corporate headquarters. The co-founders are spread across the East and West coast, becoming closer to their customers and employees, and allowing them to make changes quicker and more efficiently across the company.

With all three of them being the children of small business owners, they are creating a new style of company that has the individual attention of a family-run business, but the financial backing and prolific locations of a corporation.

One of Sweetgreen’s co-founders, Nathaniel Ru, has a focus on using technology to forge a strong connection between bringing healthy and consistent food to their customers, and helping everyone in the company stay involved with its improvement and within the communication network. This includes using an app to process at least 30% of the company’s transactions with customers.

Nathaniel Ru insists, that even with the crazy amount of work that is involved with creating and running a large business, he is using it to ‘live his best life’, which includes working with two of his best friends. Not only is he and his fellow co-founders running this up-and-coming business, but they also live on both coasts of the United States at the same time, traveling constantly back and forth.

Nathaniel Ru has helped create a model for the company, where instead of managers, there are ‘coaches’, and family dinners with all the employees start off each season. While most corporations, especially when it comes to those in the fast food industry, are known for a strict hierarchy, and little-to-no communication between the corporate levels and the minimum wage workers.

The co-founders have created friendships and personal relationships with their employees at all levels. With all the work that they have put into creating this friendly and extremely successful restaurant chain, hopefully, more companies will begin following their example.

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