Michael Zomber is a Man of Many Passions

Michael Zomber has a variety of interests in addition to antique firearms. Among his passions, he lists storytelling, writing, documentary maker and philanthropist. He pursues them all with an equal level of commitment, as well as interest.

Mr. Zomber is a product of Washington, DC and currently resides with his family on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He attended UCLA and earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors in English Literature and Psychology and a Master’s degree in English Literature.

Mr. Zomber is the author of more than a dozen screenplays and several historical novels.

He produced a documentary, “Soul of the Samurai” that was well received and quite the feather in Mr. Zomber’s cap. The documentary was produced by Zomber and his wife and their company, Renascent Films, LLC is available through the Cinema Guild.

Mr. Zomber showed his true talent and expertise when making the documentary. He researched and wrote the script and kept the script historically authentic. He was responsible for the set design which included Japanese artwork of the period of the documentary and the procurement of props as well as the placement on the set. He made sure all the props were authentic and not masterful reproductions.

He brought in a Zen Buddhist master for quality assurance to make sure his documentary was authentic right down to the smallest detail. The documentary has become a testament and a memorial to preserving the philosophy of Bushido.

Michael Zomber has a very passionate philanthropic side. His values of compassion, love and peaceful resolution to conflict drive his philanthropic enthusiasm and he chooses organizations and causes that encompass his own values. He is an advocate of helping others and giving back to the community, as well as the world. Giving back is a great way to strengthen the ties that bind, as well as help others rebuild their lives and make a better existence for themselves.

Some of his philanthropic passions are Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange.

Doctors Without Borders deliver emergency aid throughout the world and UNICEF is committed to ending childhood hunger. Amnesty International gives a voice to those incarcerated for speaking out about the human condition and the Global Exchange is dedicated to promoting economic, social and environmental justice throughout the world.