Meghan McCain’s Big Engagement

Meghan McCain is known by people all around the world for being the daughter of famed American politician John McCain. She also has a big reputation in her own right. She’s a person who has never been afraid to share her views with the rest of the planet. This Arizona girl has big news to share with the public now, too. She has just gotten engaged to a man by the name of Ben Domenech. Domenech is a publisher and writer who is widely known in conservative circles.

There’s no doubt that McCain’s life has been hectic in recent times. She has made appearances on popular television programs such as The View. She’s been assisting her father with his cancer treatment as well. Those things are just the beginning. It looks like her daily schedule is on the verge of becoming more and more chaotic. Organizing a wedding isn’t exactly the simplest thing in the world.

McCain didn’t tell anyone her fiancé’s name. The publication Page Six, however, discovered it and unveiled it to all. Domenech seemed to confirm Page Six’s information, too. That’s because he sent a tender comment to McCain using Twitter. He retweeted the publication’s piece alongside the comment as well. He wrote simply “love you, bae.”

McCain hasn’t been too secretive about having a boyfriend. She discussed having a boyfriend in passing on some of her social media accounts. She’s been doing so since the beginning of 2016, too. She has never put up any images of her significant other, however. She has merely put up pictures of the dishes he has lovingly prepared for her.

A source has stated that the engaged pair are far along in their wedding arrangements. They’ve already taken care of a considerable amount of work. This engagement news may come as a shocker to people who are familiar with McCain’s interactions with the media. She spoke with the Los Angeles Times in the winter of 2015 and said then that she had some concerns about the whole marriage process. She said that wasn’t certain if she was ever going to tie the knot. She also said that she wasn’t certain that she was ever going to consider having children. There’s a good chance she changed her viewpoint.