Meet Two Twins Who Don’t Share a Birthday

In the past there have been a handful of cases where twins were separated at birth, but siblings Lillian and Audrey Rohde are likely the only two who can claim to have been separated at conception. The sisters’ unique journey began when their parents Nancy and Justin Rohde struggled to conceive.

After four IVF failures and a miscarriage via surrogate, the Rohdes decided to try for a baby one more time. In August of 2015, the Chicago couple found Utah resident Ashley Brown, who agreed to be their surrogate. The couple was so convinced the surrogacy would end in failure that they attempted one last IVF treatment at the same time to increase their odds that one of the pregnancies would be viable.

The couple was overjoyed to discover that the IVF treatment had worked and that the embryo implanted in Nancy had resulted in a pregnancy. Five days later they were equally surprised to learn that Ashley, too, was pregnant.

After nine months of anticipation, both women delivered healthy babies. Lillian Rohde was born in Chicago on May 2 while her twin sister, Audrey Rohde entered the world on the west coast in Utah on June 7 five weeks later. The siblings are both living with their biological parents, but Ashley is keeping in touch with the family she helped complete and the Rohdes plan to be open with their children about their unusual births.