McGregor and UFC Smooth Over Tension with Dinner in Beverly Hills

One of the UFC’s most dynamic fighters, Conor McGregor, had a sit down dinner Wednesday night with UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC president Dana White at the quite classy Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The dinner comes after McGregor was struck from the UFC 200 card last month for refusing to participate in required promotional advertisements for the event. However, it seems there was no love lost (at least between McGregor and White) as they were seen embracing one another with a hug before entering the hotel for dinner.

After the dinner McGregor responded positively with the media regarding the sit-down stating the men all have a good relationship and sometimes emotions come into play when they shouldn’t in the business world.

McGregor’s emotions were likely elevated and got the best of him when the UFC mandatorily requested McGregor to appear in Las Vegas to shoot the promotional advertisements while he was back "home" in Ireland training for UFC 200. McGregor’s previous fight with Nate Diaz in UFC 196 entailed a poor showing after Diaz, taking the fight on less than two weeks’ notice, submitted McGregor in the second round.

The UFC failed to officially comment on the dinner meeting between the McGregor and the UFC’s two top dogs. However, if White’s twitter is any indication of how the meeting went it’s a good sign as he posted a pic of himself and Fertitta on the jet with a smiley face the morning after.