MB2 is Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental because he knew that there was a need for the kind of service that it had to offer. It’s the future of dentistry and how dental offices are going to be run. MB2 Dental has grown substantially since it was first developed and now has 70 affiliated locations sprinkled across the United States. It also has an impressive 533 employees and is continuing to expand.

What sets MB2 apart is that it a dentist-owned practice that is entirely focused on the important things such as personal growth, autonomy, support, and just having fun.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva graduated from dental school and realized that there were basically two directions he could go. He could become part of a large group of dentists in a practice or begin his very own private practice. He wanted both, so he created MB2 which made it possible to put doctors and thus the patients first.

Dr. Villanueva surrounds himself with people who are smart and like-minded. A lot of his times devoted to collaboration and he believes in the power of putting heads together for a good brainstorm. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he believes this is a big part of him being more productive. Since there is not always a way around work. He likes to keep work as enjoyable as possible and to keep an open atmosphere.

MB2 has proven that when doctors work together, more can be accomplished. It is a a new and refreshing way to manage dental practices in a way that is united and much more efficient which is better for the dentist as well as the patient.

MB2 is creating a better environment for the patient and is more in-tune with the future if dentistry. It is technically advanced and is putting more control into the hands of dentists. It is considered to be a progressive business that is very committed to helping dentists to control how they operate and serve their patients. You can read more about the many benefits that MB2 Dental has to offer here.