Marijuana Found Along 210 Freeway

A marijuana enthusiast would’ve thought he died and went to heaven, but one Cresenta Valley council member and his cleanup crew knew exactly what to do with the 15-pounds of marijuana discovered during their recent cleanup efforts along the 210 Freeway. After Mike Classens discovered one duffel-bag filled with the herb, he took his find to show another cleanup crew member who had also made his own marijuana discovery. They each found a duffle bag filled with green, leafy substance. The smell gave full indication of what was inside. The men called the L.A.P.D. for assistance.

Mark Slater responded to that call. Slater stated he didn’t know why anyone would dump the two duffel bags along the highway, but promised full efforts to locate the owner of the bags. While he said that locating the owner is unlikely, the L.A.P.D. will treat the case as serious as any other.

Slater also stated the bags found did not contain marijuana buds, but instead trimmings that are cut from the leaves of the plant and from the buds. Most marijuana smokers prefer the buds of the plant.

In January 2017, California joined several other states, including Nevada, in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Thus, marijuana is legal for consumption by anyone in the state, regardless of their red card holding. Since marijuana is now legal in the state, Lt. Slater said he is unsure what type of charges would be filed should the owners of the bags be found. The perp would face a charge of illegal dumping, at a minimum.