Marc Sparks Is An Amazing Entrepreneur With A Unique Passion For Helping Others

It is not all of the time that I find myself completely amazed by the actions of another human being. This article is about a man named Marc Sparks who is as unselfish and giving as they come. Many people who get involved in the business world and find success forget the little people or the fact that there are still people in the world having a very difficult time ( This is not the case with Marc, because his success has not gone to his head at all; in fact it has made him even more aware of the fact that so many people in the world need help still.

Marc Spark’s work with the Habitat for Humanity has been nothing short of inspiring to me. While many people might simply donate some of their money and be on their way, Marc becomes personally involved with the people he aims to help. As far as the Habitat for Humanity is concerned, he has helped them to build more than a dozen homes for people in need, and he lends his support to the organization in any other way possible as well. I am sure that many people feel appreciative of him for the time he has spent on making their lives better, and he didn’t even have to do it!

Marc also works directly with and supports a homeless shelter in Texas called The Samaritan Inn. If you can believe it, he has been working with them since the eighties! The innovative programs at The Samaritan Inn have given a hands up to countless people, and they currently house more than 160 residents daily. Marc likes working with the people who come to The Samaritan Inn, because they are not the kind to just look for a handout and then do nothing else about their situation. The people that come to the Inn are ready to accept the lessons they can learn from the program so they can build a better life for themselves. Marc has reportedly cried when some of the residents have graduated, and this speaks to his big heart and passion for seeing others find happiness and success.

Marc funds his philanthropic pursuits with the companies he builds through his own ingenuity and brilliant mind. He is also the author of the very popular book, “They Can’t Eat You,” where he talks about a lot of his life experience and how he succeeded in the business world without a lot of the formal training that his competitors have had.