Malini Saba is Changing the World One Woman at a Time

In business, investments or most other corporations, learning from those at the top is extremely beneficial because they share their journey and the struggles they have endured to become successful. Malini Saba is a successful investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is an excellent role model for the rising culture of women in the business field. Malini believes that women are specially created to succeed in business because they are persistent multi-taskers from the start.


With this in mind, she as founded Stree: Global Investments in Women in 2001. She focuses her attention towards helping women succeed in varied ways by changing the way they perceive their own value as well as how they see their position in the changing society. This non-profit has helped over three million people since it began. Malini is true to her soul and never gives up, and these values are transferred to, the women she helps.


Malini Saba is a great giver, but she did not start out doing that. She moved to America from Asia when she was 19 with only $200. While she was in college, she began her first business, a small cleaning company just to pay the bills.


Her investment career took off in Silicon Valley when she used her experience in investing and invested in over 20 technological companies. Today, she is married with twin girls, and she founded her own investment company called Saban Group of Industries, which is a private investment agency.


But, Ms. Saba directs her time and talents more towards helping others when away from her firm. As a philanthropist to causes around the world, Malini donated $10 million to the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and India as well as $1 million to build the first Heart Research Center for South Asians in California. This was a monumental task, but Malini believes that changing the world one woman at a time, is her calling because she is empowering all nations to become stronger.


Her experience in business is the foundation she used to create Stree and this is where her passion lies. She has been supported by Jordan’s Queen as well as former U.S. President Bill Clinton because Stree provides essential needs such as healthcare, legal support, and connecting grassroots movements in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India with public policies. This enables women to access their essentials and then go beyond their limits.