Louis Chenevert’s Contributions to the Success of UTC

Louis Chenevert is was a CEO who has portrayed quality leadership skills in the various companies he has worked in. Some of his past companies where he has worked include General Motors where he worked for more than ten years, Pratt & Whitney business which is a unit of UTC where he worked for 6yrs and UTC where he held the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer. It is in the later that his unmatched leadership skills have been well portrayed where the company has seen significant development during his tenure.

The company believes in investing heavily in both the people and modern technologies. This is something that Louis upheld where he made it personal commitment and mission to ensure the company grows. He strived to see it that he left the company better than he found it by putting his knowledge and vast experience into use. The company’s mission to invest in the right people is something great and should be emulated by others. Combining an investment of the proper modern infrastructures and the right people can see a company take great strides in their development efforts.

The company has asserted its commitment to invest under Louis Chenevert in the right people by starting an Employee Scholar Program. This is an effort to ensure many of their employees become highly educated in the areas of their working. The program works by covering the expenses acquired in pursuing further education. It has gained fruits of success where more than 40,000 of their employees have benefited so far since 1996. This has seen them invest more than 1 billion dollars which seems not to have gone to waste as evidenced by the high number of beneficiaries. This indirectly benefits the company by ensuring they have employees who are well-equipped with the necessary skills to steer forward its growth.

During his tenure as the company’s CEO, Louis has shown and used his quality leadership skills by picking up projects that have the high chances of seeing corporation achieve its vision. He not only led the way but he was also a source of inspiration to the employees in making the projects successful. He passed these guiding philosophies of developing UTC to his predecessor, Gregory Hayes, when he departed from the corporation on December 8th, 2014.