Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas: A New Flavorful Addition To The Snack Market

hippeas livio bisterzo

The world is full of options when it comes to snacks. Anything ranging from chips, crackers, cookies…. How does a newcomer rise above all the noise and in such a busy challenging category?


Livio Bisterzo, founder/CEO of Green Park Holdings and restaurateur has been through the foray of healthy food choices before when in a prior endeavor he helped build the organic tea brand Little Miracles. Now he is trying to bring another better for you proposition to the world; brand HIPPEAS (@hippeas_snacks).


Hippeas were introduced in April of this year .These small chickpeas puffs offer a array of different flavors to choose from. Hippeas are vegan friendly, organic, gluten free, low in calories, and high in fiber. These tasty treats were created to target Millennial consumers.


The development of product did not come overnight. Countless NPD rounds and many consumer testing in order to achieve the perfect texture and bite and its current form.


Green Park Holdings struck a deal with Starbucks to introduce Hippeas accross 7,500 location in the United States. Hippeas are now part of the grab-n-go line of snack food that the coffee company offers.