Livio Bisterzo’s Astronomical Business Success recently reported about the great sales of Livio Bisterzo’s HIPPEAS from the shelves. HIPPEAS is a naturally healthy snack that he believes everybody will be pleased to give to their children. He also totally believes in “goodness” that his company’s total philosophy is “goodness” where “do good” and “tastes good” are behind all that he does with the business.

Investments from Very Important People

The actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has recently bought a minor stake in the company behind HIPPEAS, Green Park Snacks. For a long time, DiCaprio has made known his interest in environmental protection, and DiCaprio has invested in the health food industry long before investing in Green Park Snacks. Also, Strand Equity Partners, a growth equity company, has made a similar investment as DiCaprio in Green Park Holdings.

DiCaprio has shown his commitment to the environment in various ways. He invested in the “Love in the Wild” company which is a company supplying sustainable seafood items to the market. His interest in Bisterzo’s company is due to them having plant-based snacks. In 1998, DiCaprio started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to fund projects aiding habitat and biodiversity conservation. As the U.N. Peace for Climate Messenger, DiCaprio also added to the foundation’s agenda the climate change issue. Other notable things he has done include him serving on the board of the National Resources Defense Council, the World Wildlife Fund, Oceans 5, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. And lastly, he donated his purchased shares in Bisterzo’s company to the farming communities of Amazon.

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This brand has six, various organic chickpea puffs with memorable names, such as In Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, Happenin’ Hickory, Bohemian Barbeque, Pepper Power, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar, and Sriracha Sunrise. This brand is distinctive from other brands having an inordinate amount of fiber and protein. Also, these snacks are certified vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and organic.

Green Park Holdings

Launched in 2015, the products began stocking on store shelves in March 2016. The company grew astronomically in $2.5 million in revenue. Also, the products are sold in 20,000 in UK and US stores and on Amazon.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Holdings. Abiding in Los Angeles, California, he is an Italian entrepreneur, he is married, and he has three children. In 1999, Livio Bisterzo moved at the age of 18 years old to the United Kingdom where he studied at the University of the Arts.

His first entrepreneurial venture began in 2003 when he launched an events’ business. Afterwards, he became a serial entrepreneur, launching various businesses. The businesses range from the consumer brands, like Little Miracles and Kyoku for Men, to hospitality brands, like Pollen St. and Maddox Club.

Helaunched Green Park Holdings which is a new, innovative food business of the nutrition and health sector. This company’s first brand is called Hippeas,, which started in April 2016. This brand consists of a totally new, organic chickpea puffs’ range with the purpose of shaking up the worldwide snack market.