The LimeCrime Brand Creates Beautiful Products

LimeCrime creates products that are made of vegan ingredients, making them a brand that appeals to many. They have products in a number of categories, including eye shadows and lip products. This brand puts out products that are bold and different and they work hard to make sure that the products that they put out are quality ones.

The Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette is a new offering from LimeCrime and it is something special. This palette features a variety of highly pigmented shades and it can help a person get a variety of looks from the one palette. This palette contains eighteen different shades that all apply to the lid in a buttery and smooth way. The shades in this palette come in four different finishes, including matte, metallic, matte sparkle, and glow. This palette is packaged in a beautiful way and it is the type of palette that would work out as a great gift for any makeup loving individual.

The LimeCrime brand has many different product options available for those who are looking for something to use on their lips. This brand creates lip products in a variety of finishes and a good mix of colors. This brand puts out lip products that are neutral and good for everyday wear and they also put out products that are bold and different and perfect for special occasions. The Matte Velvetine products from this brand are inspired by rose petals and available in many different pink and red shades. The Matte Velvetines are also available in bold colors such as orange and blue. The Diamond Crusher lip products from this brand are fun and shimmery toppers that can be used over a variety of lip products. These lip toppers come in pinks, purples, and greens, and they will help the one wearing them garner attention.