Lime Crime Makeup Is All Attitude: Luscious, Strong And Wearable

What woman doesn’t like choice?


You and I use our personal power of selection when it comes to fashion and hair. So why couldn’t the world of cosmetics trust any of us with makeup that went beyond the ordinary?


Doe Deere felt the same way in 2008. That’s when she debuted Lime Crime on e-commerce, her makeup brand that has sky-rocketed to fame. Thanks to the Russian born businesswoman, we can now choose from beyond the traditional cosmetics collections that seemed to have existed for decades.


The major beauty companies had ruled pop culture for years, forcing women to wear beige palettes, nude lipsticks and quiet, boring eye shadows. Doe Deere’s modern makeup brand dares to challenge the traditional palettes, pigments and textures.


Lime Crime is all about the pops of crazy colors, the iridescence, glitter, the crazy wild attitude and new way to look at makeup. The company keeps growing, and its presence on social media is influential, on-trend and gaining a global fan base.


At the moment, the makeup brand boasts more than three million Instagram followers. The CEO and founder enjoys engaging with her makeup community because Doe Deere believes they all inspire each other.


Lime Crime features some of the most popular and cult favorite cosmetics out there. Her famous Velvetines lipsticks are boldly colored and offer the sell-out Diamond Crushers as lip toppers. The dazzling, textured glitter is made with prismatic technology and allows the lips to look goddess-like.


The brand’s new Hi-Lites are another amazing product flying off shelves. These 3-color highlighting palettes create razor-sharp cheekbones, so the spotlight’s on your beautiful bone structure.


Today, Doe Deere is respected as one of the happening female businesswomen. She made the cover of Self-Made magazine and was named to the publication’s list of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Doe Deere was blown away by the honor and proud to be a role model to other young women and men who desire fulfilling a future dream.


Her makeup brand is the real, in-your-face cosmetics that re-define what is pretty. I feel empowered, and so can you.