Lime Crime Loves Kittens

The Creator Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the fabulous creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime cosmetics brand is a cosmetics brand that was made from the creative and colorful mind of

Doe Deere. Doe Deere was disappointed with the type of makeup that was available on the market. She found that theatrical makeup was able to give her the best brilliance and color depth, but it was not made for everyday use. The regular makeup brands did not have the pigmentation and the stay quality that she wanted from a makeup, so Deere found a way to create her own make a brand that offers bright and fabulous colors to her clients. Learn more:

Lime Crime Past and Present

Doe Deere was able to start up Lime Crime cosmetics with just a small amount of money and a lot of hard work. She created a company that sells quality makeup, and she was able to get a huge base of dedicated clients. Now, Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the most popular online cosmetic brands available. Apart from that, Lime Crime cosmetics is sold in some popular brick and mortar stores as well. Lime Crime sells makeup that is different from the rest. It comes in a variety of shades and colors that can be bright, metallic, matte, or shiny. Lime Crime cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that is dedicated to cruelty free products, and because of that, pet lovers and animal enthusiast appreciate the moral ethics of Lime Crime.

News About Lime Crime Cosmetics

Recently, Lime Crime cosmetics paired up with Kitty Bungalow in order to support stray cats. Deere decided that she was going to make a line of cosmetics that was called “Kitty Bundles.” Deere promised that Lime Crime would donate 20% of all of the proceeds that came from Kitty Bundles to the Kitty Bungalow shelter. This is a shelter that finds stray cats and it trains them to use litter boxes and to get along with others before they find these cats new homes. A large amount of the individuals who work for Lime Crime cosmetics are pet owners and pet enthusiasts as well, so they are dedicated to this cause. Doe Deere is a person who respects difference in taste and she loves different animals as well. For that reason, Deere’s brand is made for unique individuals, and Lime Crime also supports and cares for animals. Learn more: