Lime Crime is Coming Up With Some Brilliant Things

For brunettes, Lime Crime is making a splash in the world of hair dyes. A vegan makeup line, they created dyes that can give darker-haired women the colors for which they’ve been longing. Four dyes are changing the way women can change their hair.

  • Chestnut is maroon, a gentle reddish brown
  • Squid is a very dark, almost black, purple
  • Charcoal is – as its name implies – the color of charcoal. It is a dusty, dark grey hue.
  • Sea Witch is a beautiful, soft, blue-green

With the addition of these colors, Team Unicorn can now include women with dark hair. Another perk of having these dyes is that they all pair very well with other products in Lime Crime’s inventory. Whether women are wanting to see how the dyes can match a lip gloss or a lovely, soft eye shadow palette, there is a shade of makeup that will complement their new shades of hair. Below are suggestions of which lip sticks to choose when wanting to match lip color with hair color:

  • The Squid or Charcoal hair dye would pair well with a lip stick from the Metallic Velvetines collection – the Posh. This is a glossy, purple hue that would look nice against a background of purple or dark grey locks.
  • The Trip lip stick in the Diamond Crushers collection is a glittery mix of bright purple and sky blue. Because it is so shimmery and shiny, its effects with the Sea Witch hair dye would be amazing.
  • Lastly, the Chestnut hair dye would work well with a lip stick of a similar color: Saint from the Matte Velvetines. Saint’s burgundy color is very close in shade to Chestnut’s maroon, allowing the wearer to have an eye-popping look.