The Life and Philanthropy of George Soros

If a list of the most generous people in the world was to be written, there is no doubt that George Soros would be on top of it. George is not an ordinary businessman. He is an individual who has worked hard to get to the heights he is. He is estimated to have $25.2 billion net worth. George Soros was born in Hungary back in the year 1930. He was one of the lucky survivors of the Nazi occupation that was between 1944 and 1945. During this time, more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. His family was also fortunate to survive since they were able to acquire false identity papers that hid their background. They also helped other people do the same. George together with his family did not allow themselves to submit to the evil force that they were faced with. Luckily, they lived to see another day and more information click here.

In the year 1947, George was lucky to escape. He left for London and enrolled at the London School of Economics. He was working as a part-time railway porter and a waiter in a nightclub to support his education. George Soros later left London for New York, United States. He entered into the finance and investment industry where he made a fortune. He established his hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. It was later named Quantum Fund. George Soros came to be known by many in the year 1992 when he together with Stan Druckenmiller made a fortune by shortening the British pound. Many started referring to him as the man who broke the Bank of England. His name has remained on the list of investors. His family office is known as Soros Fund Management and has an asset base of more than $30 billion and what George knows.

In the year 1979, George Soros began his work of benevolence. He offered scholarships to black residents of South Africa during the apartheid. The following year, George Soros acted as a catalyst in open exchange of ideas among the Eastern Bloc. He achieved this by providing them with photocopiers that allowed for the reprint of banned texts. His philanthropy was also manifested when he created a place at the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall. The area was specially set up to encourage individuals to think critically. For years over, George Soros has been helping both lawyers and paralegals that represent people that are held unlawfully. George Soros has indeed exhibited his devotion to doing away with all forms of evil and injustices that people are faced with. Through his financial market, Mr. Soros has achieved independence which has in turn allowed him to help many get justice and achieve Equity and his Website.

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