Legal News Can Have Positive Results

A fuss is brewing after the U.S. Justice Department said it would keep fighting to force Apple Inc to open an iPhone in a New York drug case. If the government gets its way, Apple and other tech companies must help police, and other agencies continue its controversial effort to require Apple and other tech companies to help law enforcement authorities sidestep encryption.

Jun Feng recently pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamines. Department of Justice lawyers say Apple won’t cooperate. Jun Feng’s iPhone authorities believe hold the key to details from co-conspirators’ correspondence in the methamphetamine drug trade in New York and other locations. Feng’s phone is the iPhone 5S which runs on Apple’s iOS 7. It’s not the same system as the recent iPhone controversial case in San Bernardino, California. FBI authorities will not reveal whether their methods which worked in the San Bernardino case will work in this New York case.

Lawyer’s skills empower and prepare them for more than courtroom or legal disputes. Sam Tabar is a skilled professional in many areas and he illustrates the proven skills lawyers have to help in multiple, diverse industries. He is a trained lawyer groomed at the prestigious Oxford and Columbia Universities. Mr. Tabar’s experience as a strategist with PMA Investment Advisors LTD is admired. This position in Hong Kong saw him initiate the Asset Raising Team, which included initiating cost-effective asset strategies which were profitable. The company prospered from his talents and wise decision-making. Next, Sam Tabar served as Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc,. He specifically helped capital-raising for its hedge fund clients. He accomplished this while working as an Associate attorney for Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

Right now Mr. Tabar is using his artistry of accomplishments as a capitalist strategist with hedge funds. His shrewd negotiation skills and purposeful planning has led this group to invest in THINX. THINX is a startup which produces fashionable women’s underwear in the United States. As the profits roll in, he donates money to women in Africa. For example, THINX recently provided reusable pads to women and young girls in Uganda.  This also inspired Sam to create his own personal GoFundMe to go above and beyond for children in Africa.

Lawyers preserve other’s rights in several ways. Mr. Tabar is a resourceful lawyer, accomplished business person and now a generous philanthropist. It proves that success comes in a multitude of ways. The key to success no matter what avenue is dedication with plenty of heart.  Visit for more background on Sam and his career to this point.