Launch Pad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman Is A Man On A Mission

Glen Wakeman, CEO and co-founder of Launch Pad Holdings, has built quite a resume for himself in the business world. Mr. Wakeman is well respected for both his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to make himself accessible to others as a mentor. Wakeman has also been praised for the revolutionary ideas he has implemented while guiding the successful growth of multiple businesses (

Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a BS in economics and finance. Later he would attend the University of Chicago to obtain his MBA in finance. Next for Mr. Wakeman was a long and successful career with GE Capital. Wakeman also founded Nova Four, a business accelerator that provides advice and capital for developing businesses.

Perhaps the largest and most innovative move of Glen Wakeman’s career was the starting of Launch Pad Holdings. Launch Pad Holdings uses a software platform at to make “business planning simpler and more intuitive.” Mr. Wakeman also states that “matching ideas with money is something I like doing.” It is Wakeman’s belief that many talented start ups fail because they lack proper structure despite good ideas. Through Launch Pad Holdings Glen Wakeman helps these start ups with developing structure by applying a proven method of operation using the five key dimensions of performance: Leadership (preparing the company for change); Human Capital (aligning vision, strategy and tactics); Execution (integrating process, technology and people); Risk Management (minimizing disruptions); and Governance (enabling constructive dissent). Helping companies to both understand and implement these concepts is one major factor that allows Glen Wakeman to satisfy his passion to see new businesses have the best start possible.