Kenneth Goodgame is a Game Changer in the Business World

Anybody who knows something about the Chicago-based company known as Value Hardware Corporation will surely know about its principal officer in the name of Kenneth Goodgame. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. Being an operations management leader, he is associated with many changes in the company including the ones that he worked for previously in different capacities. The company’s main areas of specialization include Merchandising, Marketing, Business Strategy and Financial Oversight.

At Value Hardware Corporation, where he is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Goodgame is known for his proactive contribution in many areas. Among his chief fields of operation include the balancing of corporate alignment, analyzing performance indicators and quality assurance systems to improve profitability in business operations, and employee engagement. He is also involved in navigating of market shifts and the avoidance of costly management mistakes.

Among his most notable contributions to Value Hardware Corporation include the hiring of a full category management team which was useful in driving merchandising and SKV investments at both the store and cooperative level. He was able to improve the company’s savings up to 10% from the initial 2% by reforming line reviews and by turning around low-performing buying teams. He is the one who was responsible for the ‘Pay for Play’ initiative, which is an annual vendor- supported advertising investment program that was able to raise about $14 million in the year 2015. He has helped the company in improving the customer count, average ticket amounts, and the retail comps. He was able to deliver full margin percent by lowering retails on most price sensitive SKVs by launching the 250 SKV EDLP program for retailers.

The most successful program that Goodgame contributed majorly was the ‘New at True Value’ and SKV program which saw the participation of more than 2,800 stores. This was a significant milestone in his career as the chief principal officer with the company. Previously, Kenneth worked for other businesses in different capacities. He has worked for Ace Hardware as the General Merchandising Manager. He has also worked for Techtronic Industries North America in Anderson as the President for the Baja Motorsports. Other of his postings are at Newell Rubbermaids in Huntersville as the Senior Vice President for Marketing, Sales, and Channel, and also at Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia.

In his career life, Kenneth Goodgame has been able to manage cross-functional groups to create corporate strategic long-term planning for growth in the areas of pricing, advertising, the rebuilding of merchandising teams, talent acquisition, marketing, and merchandising. This makes Kenneth Goodgame among the most influential personalities who have made significant changes at Value Hardware Corporation.

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