Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” Is Getting The Ariana Grande Remix Treatment

When pop superstar Ariana Grande made a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, her fans were thrilled to learn that she would be the guest for the episode’s entirety. She has a new album on the way (entitled Sweetener) and while this news would be exciting enough by itself, she had another surprise in store for viewers.

Musical Genre Challenge is one of the most popular segments of the show and it allows fans to learn more about the improvisation skills of some of their favorite celebrities. Ariana was given the chance to turn a smash hit single from Kendrick Lamar into an anthem more suited for the goth rock and the results are incredible.

“Humble” was produced by Mike Will Made-It and turning this rap smash into a goth rock anthem was no easy feat. Taking a braggadocios anthem like this one and transforming it into something that could slot in easily on a Paramore album is quite the challenge.

Luckily for us, Grande was more than up for the task. The Roots crew was on hand to assist her and judging from the results, this was a match made in heaven. In order to transform the song, the band added a few different musical layers. Crashing drums and aggressive guitars turned the song from a rap boasting session to a more contemplative piece.

She would not stop there, though. Drake’s latest chart topper, God’s Plan, was turned into a jam that is better suited for a ’90s R&B playlist. Those who remember the rise of Christina Aguilera were given flashbacks to her heyday and she provided the song with a well received dose of nostalgia.

This performance shows that there a number of rappers who would do well to give Ariana Grande a call so that she can provide them with an awesome hook for their next album. As her past collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne have demonstrated, this is one pop star who knows how to provide fans with the proper dosage of hip-hop flavor. Her performances on this show definitely have her fans wanting more.