Keeping Your Pets Cool With Help From Goettl

The Las Vegas area is one that is known for intense heat. The entire area is typically subject to heat waves. During the really hot times, temperatures may climb as as one hundred degrees or even higher. While most people are aware of exactly what methods they can take to make sure they stay cool personally during such hot weather, they are not always aware of what steps they can take to help keep their pets safe during the hot days. Cats and dogs need special protection during the hot weather. They process heat differently than humans do and can easily become overheated during really hot weather.

Keep Animals Safe

A few simple precautions from those at Goettl Air Conditioning can actually help keep pets safe no matter what the weather outside. For example, pavements that feel okay when people walk on them in shoes may actually be far too hot for a dog’s tender paws. It is best to walk dogs when the heat has dissipated. Another important thing to be aware of just how easy it is for a dog to get skin sun damage. Dogs have thin skin that can be damaged by the sun when they are brought outside. Any owner should be careful to apply sunscreen to the animal’s skin before taking them outside at all when it is really hot outside. In addition to applying sun screen, those at Goettl remind their clients that it is important to keep a pet groomed well. The animal needs to be groomed in order to allow it to properly regulate its internal temperature and allow for blood to circulate freely. The also helps the animal to breathe properly when the weather is hot.

Goettl Cares

The founders of Goettl Air Conditioning knew that they could be of service to those living in one of the hottest areas in the entire country. This is why they brought their know-how and caring to this area nearly a century ago. They knew that people would need to make sure that they could stay cool in the hot sun here. Today, they are still here in the area, working hard each day to offer superior services. When something goes wrong with an air conditioner, it is a good idea to call them first. They will rush to any client’s door with the solution in-hand, helping them get away from the heat.

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