Kabbalah’s Impact on Human Connections

Kabbalah has for the longest time been a way to connect with people and the universe. It is a way of finding a deeper meaning to our actions and thoughts. If more people studied Kabbalah, the world would have more human connections. This is however dependent on the quality of studies done by those practicing Kabbalah.Through Kabbalah, more people can connect in ways that were not possible before. Kabbalah puts more emphasis on the afterlife rather than the earthly life. Human beings are taught to portray the best versions of themselves for as long as they can. A person who has undergone these teachings depicts it by showing team effort at work. They will help a colleague or shower them with praises them when they deserve it.

Contrary to what you would expect, Kabbalah advises us not to abstain. Instead of punishing ourselves for our desires, we should embrace them. However, we should be cautious not to hurt ourselves or others while doing it.Kabbalah teaches us to appreciate the value of clothes. Your visible image has a direct impact on how people perceive us. By choosing the kind of clothes that alleviate our mood, we can set ourselves up for good work throughout the day. Dressing increases your likability and helps you connect with people with relevant talents and abilities.

About LA Kabbalah

The LA Kabbalah Center became operational in 1984. Philip Berg is the man behind the non-profit organization that provides training on Kabbalistic and Zohar at the regional centers, through study groups, and through online platforms. Philip and his wife also help in the teaching efforts.The center is also involved in relief work, for example, tackling gender inequality, extreme poverty and financial aid to people affected by disasters. The organization was among the leading supporters of victims of Hurricane Katrina, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2010 Haiti earthquake and is in partnership with Red Cross.

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