The Kabbalah Centre: Teaching the Wisdom of the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that provides courses on Kabbalistic teachings. Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Centre in 1922. The main purpose of the Kabbalah Centre is to disseminate the wisdom of the Kabbalah, giving people the tools that can help them improve their lives and make the world a better place. Since its establishment, the Centre has grown to have brick-and-mortar locations in over 50 cities as well as an extensive online presence.



The teachings provided by the Kabbalah Centre are based on the Zohar. The Zohar is the sacred text of the kabbalistic wisdom and the writings of the world’s great kabbalists. The Zohar also interprets the mysteries and the world’s spiritual system described in the Torah. The Centre’s approach to teaching students is familiarizing them with teachings of the Kabbalah that do not require previous knowledge of Jewish or Hebrew texts.

The Kabbalah Centre believes that all widely held religious or spiritual beliefs are simply distinct branches of a universal wisdom. The result of this is a similarity in religions like Judaism , Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. Following this belief, the Centre presents itself as a supplement to any religion rather than an alternative to it.


How Does The Centre Teach its Students?

The Kabbalah Centre uses a variety of ways to enable its students to learn the principles of the Kabbalah. For instance, the spiritual Centre develops books, courses, classes, audio products, and online lectures that are made available to its students around the world.

The Centre also hosts various events where students can take part in mediation, lectures and share meals together. The non-profit  organization organizes tours to sites which have been closely associated with great kabbalists. For example, tours are hosted at areas where Kabbalists may have been buried or studied or where ancient texts like the Zohar were written.

The Kabbalah museum gathers and preserves authentic texts and rare manuscripts which students and scholars can view. These texts are essential to the Centre as they allow it to spearhead the education of the Kabbalah.

The Zohar Project is an initiative of the Kabbalah Centre devoted to sharing the Zohar with those who wish to possess it. The Zohar Project prints and distributes Zohars to people and organizations around the globe.