The Kabbalah Centre: Helping Everyday People Reach Enlightenment

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization. The Centre’s focus is to provide teachings from the Zohar, a collection of books based on the mystical aspects of the Torah. Kabbalah also includes scriptural interpretations, mysticism, cosmology, and mystical psychology. The Zohar helps those who study Kabbalah to understand certain Biblical passages as codes to life and unseen universal laws.

Peter Berg (born Feivel Gruberger) and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein founded The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. After Rav Brandwein’s passing and several years in Israel, Rav Peter Berg re-established the Institute in the United States, along with his wife, Karen. The Institute became The Kabbalah Centre and it’s first location was in New York City. The Los Angeles location was established in 1984 and is now the Centre’s headquarters. Berg’s belief was that the philosophy of Kabbalah should be a shared wealth of practical wisdom available to the everyday person, not exclusively a select few Jewish scholars. The organization has 50 branches, worldwide, with major branches in Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Toronto.

Students beginning with the Centre are taught the views and beliefs of Kabbalah without requiring previous knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish texts. Kabbalah is not viewed as one singular religion at the Centre, but rather a universal wisdom and supplemental additions to widely held spiritual or religious belief systems. Belief systems Kabbalah incorporates include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and New Age teachings.

One important aspect of Kabbalah is “The Light”. This is the idea that one should not be concerned with a relationship with God but, with the essence of God. Astrology is also an important part of Kabbalah and has been thought to always be present in the Jewish faith. It is valuable to anyone studying Kabbalah to be able to understand the cosmic forces as they are thought to affect everything in life. The Kabbalah Centre also teaches that each person has a direct path to the metaphysical world but, is blocked by Klappot or, negative feelings and violence. The study of Kabbalah and of Jewish law can aid in removing Klippot.