Kabbalah Center Teachings and Way of Life.


Kabbalah is a course that borrows its ideas and concepts from other religions. It is not a religion; in fact, everyone can start to enroll for Kabbalah with or without religion background. It does not matter your denomination or religion. The course is offered for free by Kabbalah; an organization that was started by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. They trained a multi-ethnic teaching staff to ensure the Kabbalah course to almost every ethnic group in the world.

The Bible is a great source of Kabbalah teachings. Some of the topics from the Bible include the passage of the Red Sea, which is studied in both Kabbalah and Zohar. Philip and Karen Berg’s son Yehuda Berg prepare most of the teaching from the Bible on Kabbalah who has produced a series of publication covering these topics.

About Kabbalah Center

The course has not a particular time to start you can enroll to Kabbalah Centre at any given time. The course is accessible from Kabbalah teaching centers across the world or through the internet. Kabbalah Headquarters are located in Los Angeles California where they started teaching Kabbalah in the year 1914. Philip and Karen Berg were the only spiritual leaders of the organization, but later they managed to train other people to reach more people and ensure that there is continuity of the course.


ne of the things that make Kabbalah standout is that it is spiritual, but it can be substituted for another religion. In fact, Kabbalah is just a religious course that draws it ideas and concepts from other faiths. Since its inception in the year 1914, the course has received a positive response, and it has been growing daily. The era of Internet has significantly impacted the growth and expansion of Kabbalah. More people can now access the course even if there is no Kabbalah center in their region.

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