Jorge Moll’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Jorge Moll is the current President-director as well as a board member for D’Or Institute for Research and Education based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a well-trained and highly educated doctor. Jorge is a former student of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where he acquired a medical degree in 1994 before completing Neurology residency three years later in the same university. He then furthered his education and attained a Ph.D. Experimental Pathophysiology in the University of Sao Paulo.

Besides being the founder and the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education, Jorge Moll is a leader and an active board member of many companies. His contribution to the field of medicine and his outstanding leadership has made him win prestigious awards and distinctions. He has written many publications to help those doing various research in medicine

Jorge Moll believes that quick implementation of new ideas could help many people waiting to benefit from such an approach and also develop an entrepreneurial idea for the person who perceived it. He believes that developing a vision into passion and a passion to an idea and then putting those ideas into action is what has made him succeed. He also claims that meeting many people with great minds, which he regularly does, and sharing thoughts with them is very crucial because it increases one’s insight and promotes networking.

According to Jorge Moll, entrepreneurs should learn to implement or do away with unfruitful ideas as quickly as possible if they want to succeed in any business. Jorge Moll also claims that every entrepreneur achieves because of believing in his/ her ability to change the status quo and willingness to work tirelessly to change people’s lives for the better. He also acknowledges that most entrepreneurs make mistakes, but the most successful ones learn from their mistakes and they develop new strategies to help them continue their venture.

Jorge Moll thinks that the world can become even better if people can embrace new technological science, and work to apply and improve the existing scientific knowledge for better lives.

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