Jeff Yastine Investment Expertise

     Becoming an editorial director at a big publishing company is not easy. It requires one to have excellent skills as well as great experience in developing quality contents. Jeff Yastine is one of the greatest investors who decided to share their knowledge of investments. Jeff has accumulated significant wealth from stock market investments. He has vast experience in financial journalism where he writes mostly about financial world events.

To become an editorial director, one needs to be highly educated. Jeff attended the University of Florida where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in telecommunication. After his education, he worked with many newsletters as well as publishing firms. He used the opportunity to grow his career and eventually landed at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He has been very influential at the publishing firm. Most of his work targets investors. He helps investors understand business, monetary as well as economic trends worldwide.

Jeff works hard to ensure that he highlights opportunities that investors can take advantage off in the stock market. Jeff ensures that these profit-making opportunities are well researched and don’t disappoint investors. As a journalist and an editor, he makes sure that they give credible information to their customers. Jeff has helped many in identifying investment opportunities in large company turnarounds. He has established many investment opportunities in biopharmaceutical sector and many have made significant profits from the investments.

In his reporting, Jeff warned investors about the real estate crisis. This crisis occurred in mid-2000. On top of that, he reported on national events like the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. He also wrote about the Hurricane Katrina, where he reported its financial impacts on the economy. Jeff also visited Cuba in 1994 as well as 2003 and reported the impact of foreign investors on the country’s economy.

Jeff Yastine has also worked hard to write about Navy Seal investments. Several times he has explained how the many countries are investing heavily on weaponry. He has outlined companies like Embraer which are producing competitive regional jets. The company’s share value is increasing and people should take advantage of it. Many of these companies manufacturing sophisticated weaponry are worth investing as countries are competing to upgrade their security and defense systems

Jeff has received many awards for his excellence. In 2007 he was nominated for Business Emmy Award as a result of his great work and report on America’s underfunded system of public infrastructure. He was also part of the NBR journalist team that received the New York State Society Of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award in 2002.