Jason Hope Impacting the Lives of Many in Arizona

Jason Hope Giving Back to ArizonaJason Hope was born and raised in Arizona and is an active participant in local charity projects that aim to improve the quality of education provided in Arizona educational facilities. He is also a strong supporter of medical organizations that seek to find cures for various diseases and educate people on how to prevent and control the spread of diseases. Besides his active involvement in philanthropy, he is also an entrepreneur and investor.He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Passion for Technology

Jason is very passionate about technology as he believes that it is the future. He is always trying to find ways of leveraging technology for the betterment of people’s lives. He does extensive research and studies trends across various industries. By doing this, he is able to predict what might be in demand in the near future and design and develop new technologies to meet these demands.

Jason Hope has had a very successful career in the field of technology and has developed numerous mobile applications, computer software and gaming applications. He advises businesses and guides them on how to go about technology and developing new products and services according to clients’ future needs.

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Works of Charity

Jason Hope believes in giving back to the community by giving grants to and taking part in the activities of various charitable organizations involved in improving education and healthcare, and in scientific research. He has worked with The Tony Hawk Foundation, True Colors Fund, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation among other organizations.

Jason is also closely affiliated with the California-based SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization whose aim is to prevent, control and cure diseases associated with old age. He donated $500,000 to the organization in 2010 to help in the fight against age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Arteriosclerosis among others. Jason’s donation was used to do further research into Arteriosclerosis and find a way to prevent it as it is the root cause of many other conditions such as Diabetes, long-sightedness and some skin conditions. Jason believes that the work of the SENS Foundation is contributing a lot to the improvement of the healthcare industry.


Jason Hope (@jasonhope) has done a lot to improve the living standards of people in his community through his various philanthropic and technology projects. He believes that he is in a position to help the less fortunate and therefore does all he can to support them and make their lives better. He has touched many lives through his works.

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