James Larkin

James Larkin is one of the few people in England who was born at a time when employees were disregarded. This very group also saw an end to employee maltreatment, all thanks to James Larkin’s activities which brought rise to many more like him.

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that one can have because a friend is someone that understands you more than anyone else. James Larkin had lots of friends when he was young, but he soon lost all of them as he grew up.

People drift from one another due to unavoidable circumstances like work, education and even marriage. James Larkin drifted from his friends after the death of his father because he had to leave school and start working.

One of the friends that he never lost, however, is James Connolly. James Connolly not only gave James Larkin counsel but also supported most of his activities. He also supported James Larkin financially when there was a need, and the understanding and bond between the two grew more daily.

When James Larkin joined NUDL, James Connolly kept a closer eye on him. He had seen something in James Larkin that some people did not see. James Larkin would not give up ever until he had achieved whatever it is he was fighting for. And he would not fight for anything if it was not for the benefit of others.

James Larkin was dismissed from NUDL because of his actions which the union deemed displeasing and disappointing. But that would never be the end of a trade union organizer. He approached James Connolly with the idea of a uniting organization of Irish workers, and the idea was met with so much gladness that the two soon formed ITGWU.

James Larkin also formed the ILP with his friend, before the former went to the United States of America. The Easter Rising was an unfortunate happening in Ireland because James Connolly died in the rising.

James Larkin had lost a friend, so he formed an organization and the name he gave it was one in honor of Connolly. Both the names of James Larkin and James Connolly will forever fill the history books.