Mr.James Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management LP is a leader in investment management and his long term experiencing spanning over thirty years has made him a force to reckon with.
A graduate of Virginia School of Commerce, holding degrees in accounting and finance, he runs a successful capital investment venture that offers a wide range of structured investment plans.
Besides his business successes, Mr.Dondero has been a leading philanthropist in the Dallas area donating millions of dollars to non-profit and charitable organizations. He has been particularly keen on improving education, which has led to increased partnerships through which the people of Dallas have benefited.
Among the organizations that have benefited from Dondero’s generous donations is The Family Place, which benefited from a $1 million donation.
The Southern Methodist University (SUM) is also a recipient of $ 2 million from Highland Capital Management. The donation offers undergraduate students a sneak-peak into public policy making processes, opportunities to study abroad, access to top global leaders and senior-year internships.
Another organization that has benefited from grants by Mr.Dondero is Education is Freedom, which assists youths-at-risk by offering financial assistance to those seeking a college degree. The organization is also responsible for offering mentorship programs and professional development,
The Dallas Zoo has also benefited from a donation of $1million from Highland Capital Management, which will help to bring back hippos to the Zoo. This money will be used to construct Highland Capital Lodge, which will be specifically used for special displays and private events.

James Dondero’s career in financial consulting started at the Morgan Guaranty Training Program before moving to Protective Life’s GIC, where he is credited for growing the start-up steadily to an asset base of $2 billion in five years.
James Dondero has contributed immensely to the growth of the finance sector and through his philanthropic endeavors has helped to uplift the lives of people in Dallas.
Highland Capital has grown to a reputable organization spreading its operations in various parts of the world. The company has also been instrumental in creating new products for its investors.

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