Is Google Park About to be a Thing?

It seems the giant, creative brains of Google’s Silicon Valley Googleplex facility are innovating again, this time adding parking help to Google Maps. Although the newest version of Maps has yet to be released, a tear down of Google Maps for Android version 9.34 by Android Police has created a lot of buzz around the product. It appears the new version of Maps will tell you how easy or difficult it should be to find a parking space once you reach you destination.

It looks like parking will be rated as easy, medium or limited by the app, but it is anyone’s guess as to how this information will be collected. It is unclear whether Google will base it’s parking information on time of day and regular traffic patterns or offer real-time data based on current local conditions and nearby events.

This release of the app is also expected to allow users to keep north pointing up on their map rather than tilting during navigation. Accidental swipes will also be less likely to cause users to swipe away from the map accidentally mid-navigation. The north-up and better swiping capability are expected to make it much easier for drivers to zoom in on an upcoming turn and then return the map to a broader view quickly and easily.

While California’s Silicon Valley is currently buzzing with anticipation, no one will know for sure if the new traffic feature made the cut until the app’s official release date, which is as of yet unknown. The program is currently in beta, so keep your eyes peeled for it’s release soon.