The Inspiration of MB2 Dental’s Founder Dr. Villanueva

Dr.Villanueva is the Founder of MB2 Dental, with the mission to cover both aspects of the dentist industry, both corporate, and being a sole practitioner. Villanueva has the successful personal experience on both sides of the industry, and has utilized that knowledge to start his own company. Since starting MB2 Dental, he and his team of 533 experts, has been of support to practitioners throughout the United States, bringing something fresh to the industry, where affiliates wouldn’t feel as though they are controlled by an organization, without having any input, when it comes to innovative ways to make a profit.

According to Dr. Villanueva, the purpose of owning a dentist-owned firm, was to have fun with the partners that select their services, and assist where they can in the personal growth of the companies, that they choose to be affiliated with. He is there so that you can improve the operating standards of a business, in-turn will only have a positive ripple effect on the practitioners, but most importantly, the patients, to help grow your practice naturally. A positive tip that Dr. Chris Villanueva gives is, to always be open to listen to the perspectives of other creative and smart individuals, to ultimately make your business expand to new horizons.

At MB2 Dental, Villanueva likes to keep his team inspired, instead of putting so much time and energy into micromanaging on a daily basis. With the way everything is revolutionizing in today’s society, he likes to take advantage of this aspect by utilizing innovative technology, to be an important factor in dentist industry. The whole intention of taking advantage of new technology that is coming to the forefront, is for for benefit of the patient to have the best enhanced experience possible. Using his characteristics, of being humorous and just overall not taking life too serious, is how Dr. Steven Villanueva likes to build his relationships, making it easier to gain trust, instead of being closed minded and egotistical. His goal is to just bring an open environment to MB2 Dental, and with all their partners, moving forward into the future.