Indoor Farming On the Rise

It’s certainly no secret that not only innovation, but renewal, are of great importance to both businesses and investors in various markets. The latest addition in the food production world seems to be “indoor farming.”
While at its core, the concept of indoor farming has been around since the first small subsistence farms gained popularity long ago, recent trends have pointed to a rise in popularity of indoor subsistence gardens even in the most urban of areas. Indeed, a plethora of articles detail step-by-step instructions as to the creation and maintenance of these gardens and various ideas as to the types of gardens one can create no matter the spatial limitations.
On a larger scale, though, there is a startup, calling itself simply “Plenty,” that has garnered the support of billionaire investors.
Soft Bank Vision Fund, a tech investment company, has injected $200 million into the startup, and brought on board other well-known tech titans such as Jeff Bezos of
While the startup’s eventual goal is a more global market, they currently have only two farms in operation, in San Francisco and Wyoming, with the former being the heavy, primary producer and market. Still, they expect to have products on shelves at various supermarkets by sometime next year, owing to their ability to grow what they term “super vegetables” at yields more than 500 times greater than is typical.
Of course, their is no guarantee of success, and Plenty is likely to face heavy competition as the market is ripe for competition; several other startups in the recent past are no longer viable and have disappeared.
Regardless, such an injection of capital, as well as high-profile support in the tech industry, increase the odds of success for this little startup to become a big name in healthy food production.