Improve Your Earnings with Nick Vertucci’s NVREA

The NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) was created and is led by Nick Vertucci. It is a success system ideally suited to master the art of renovating real estate and reselling it at a profit. Nick Vertucci’s classes teach complete novices how to start with no knowledge or experience and become successful creating as much wealth as the market bears. Start out by gathering more information at one of Nick’s free two hour seminars hosted across the country at a city near you. Register, attend and learn the elements needed to succeed.

When you know what’s needed, you’re ready to take the next step, which is the three day course. The three-day course is more comprehensive, offering infinitely more information about investment real estate opportunities. You’ll learn everything you need to know about wholesale real estate purchases. You’ll be taught the details of how to discern which properties are worth rehabbing and how to rehab in the quickest and most economical way. Most importantly, you’ll be taught all the various nuances to flipping properties with a profit. With everything combined, you’ll have a firm grasp of how to profit from your commercial investments. You’ll also learn how to raise capital from your IRA’s and 401K’s. And, lastly you’ll be shown very commonly known and little known ways to shelter your assets.

Nick Vertucci wants you to get rich through your education and skills learned at NVREA. He wants you to have the long term freedom that comes from real estate investing. Begin with a live free workshop. Call 1-800-328-6418 or go to to reserve a spot for you and a friend at the next workshop coming to a city near you. It’s an event you don’t want to miss. It could change the trajectory of your life. Go from spinning your wheels in the same spot to living your dreams.

If you enjoy the two hour free event, Nick Vertucci believes you’ll love the 3 day class. You’ll get much more information in the 3 day course. You’ll be taught the details of buying, managing and reselling wholesale properties. You’ll learn the best methods for rehabbing and flipping properties for a profit. You’ll learn how to spot a property bargain and how to negotiate a price. Nick Vertucci will teach you the many options for obtaining investment capital, including how to find investors. And, you learn the most important steps you’ll need to protect your plentiful wealth after you’ve worked hard to obtain it.

The three day class is worth the investment. It gives you all the tools you’ll need to get started in your career in investment real estate. Get started. Register by phone or internet today.

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