Igor Cornelsen Conquers Investment Banking in Brazil

Many people consider investing as an overwhelming financial practice. It involves a lot of risks that sometimes have no rewards. However, in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself by learning the craft and rising to become one of the country’s top investor. Today, he works with Bainbridge Group through which he invests in the stock market. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has become an expert in commodity and foreign exchange investment. In the span of his career, he has managed some of the largest banks in Brazil. Additionally, he rose to become a top banker and helped manage the country’s entire gross economy.

Igor Cornelsen also acts as an investment advisor. He works as a consultant for the banking and finance industry. His expertise gets attributed to his experience working in the Brazilian financial institutions. His wealth of information has enabled him to become a major consultant to banks. He has participated in different forums aimed at educating people on the best investments practices. According to him, there lies a wealth of information on the methods of becoming a successful investor. He has, however, collapsed them into four fundamental principles;

First, to become a successful investor, you should avoid losing money. He says that an investment that consistently loses the investors’ money should get abandoned. The second key point is to start investing as early as possible. Time is a key factor to making profits. The third key point is to diversify your portfolio. An investor should diversify their portfolios to distribute the risk. There is a minimal chance that all investments will fail. Finally, and which he says is one of the most important points is to seek the services of an investment advisor. An adviser will help an investor to navigate the challenges incurred during investing. Additionally, the advisers have the ability to choose the best possible investment avenue.

Over the years, institutions have continued to enjoy his services which have consequently, helped them navigate the volatile stock markets. Currently, he lives in South Florida where he pursues his golf hobby. However, from time to time, he goes back to Brazil and enjoys time making investments in the stock market.