IC Systems: Brief Background Information of The Company

This will give information about IC Systems. An article from the site ReleaseFact written by Brian Harris will be recapped, “IC Systems Stands Out Among Collection Agencies”. In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson established the company. The headquarters with outside of St. Paul, Minnesota and had been created with a guiding principle which gave ethical and honest service to its customers which are centered.


It seems that in the world of collections there are many companies with connections that vary to their communities and clients. Even though there’s numbers of agencies which are known for committing to their work, there are not that many that are equivalent to the service quality given by IC Systems, one of the field leaders.


To add on to the innovation commitment they have, IC System prioritizes also in assisting the world and community at large through many corporate responsibility initiatives. This company is the category of charitable outreach, the company has had many annual campaigns donating services, money, time, and resources. The past and current charitable initiatives have given contributions to organizations like Toys for Tots, the American Red Cross, and the Special Olympics, as well as others. However, this company adding to donating to charities also works in utilizing cooperate responsibility through the promotion of utilizing the sustainable types of practices. They have some sustainability goals like highlighting carbon neutrality in the efficient utilization of renewable resources and energy and being aware of sustainability while managing and maintaining lands and infrastructure.


IC Systems has core values which lead them in every interaction and decision. It explains how they lead business and how their office cultures are shaped by customers in addition. The first one is “People”, they regard people with respect and dignity. To them in the field of “Integrity” they perform in the things that are the best. In the area of “Performance” they bring out outcomes that go beyond expectations. In the area of “Pride” they are pleased with the action they do and how they get it done. Finally, in “Innovation” they look for improved outcomes to complete things.