IAP Worldwide Services Goes Beyond the Norm to Provide a Better World

IAP Worldwide have outdone themselves in establishing a niche in natural disaster management and tactical advisory experts in overseeing battlefield situations. They have won lucrative contracts with the US government and international clients seeking their innovative technological solutions. Indeed, they stand firm by their motto ‘making the impossible possible’ and the future could only be brighter.

Their beginning

Since their inception in 1953, IAP worldwide always held on the dream of creating a better future for everyone. They not only give their employees the best in work opportunities and benefits, but they are always on the forefront of helping the surrounding community, especially when disaster strikes. Mention any flooding incident in the USA and most like you will find an IAP expert was involved, somehow, especially in the mitigation process.

Quick Response to Natural Disasters

As a firm blessed with the technical know-how to respond promptly to natural disasters, IAP has always been called upon to offer a helping hand in hurricane strikes on bloomberg.com. They sent a rapid response team during the gruesome strikes of hurricane Katrina, Katia, Sandy, and the most recent, Hurricane Matthew. IAP’s empathetic actions come in the form of emergency power supplies, erecting communication systems, or restoring existing ones, providing food supply, and other commodities to victims and sending expert personnel to solve other immediate needs beside power and communication.

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US Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services also believe in a safer world to live in, which is why they participate immensely in providing imperative infrastructural support to the US army and Navy. Since 1996, they have won countless tenders to supply the four arms of the Air Force Program with required equipment to aid in warfare. Currently, IAP is partnering with ECC to provide adequate naval infrastructure for the US marines.

This project is already underway and is expected to be complete by 2024. IAP Worldwide will be charged with the sole task of providing incidental-construction which will help the Marines respond efficiently and professionally to natural disasters, military actions, humanitarian support or unforeseen outbreaks in locations of deployment.

Working at IAP

IAP has successfully employed over 2000 employed stationed at all of their 25 branches globally. To be a part of this great franchise requires an individual with a passion for their life, future and the ingrained desire to help people on kayescholer.com. IAP recruits the best talent in the field that is in line with their vision and ready to work harmoniously with everyone to promote this great image that is IAP.