IAP Worldwide: Offering Careers That Help You Help Others

At IAP World Wide Service many government career options are available, with catering to United States military service men and woman who have completed their line of duty. IAP understands the difficulties when returning to civilian life and offers transition networks and programs to ease inactive service men and women into less intensive careers.

Before you start your new career, IAP Worlwide recommends you plan your transition with their available programs. Educational courses as well as contacts to potential places of employment are offered through the Transitional Assistance Office. You can also contact the Military Officers Association of America or the Non-Commissioned Officers Association in regards to what career options you may want to pursue and how to enhance your education or trade skills that may be required.

After contacting the Transitional Assistance Office, you are ready to discuss your options with a job agent on iapws.com. Not all available listings are within the United States, and can be found in South Korea, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Romania, Kuwait, and Greece. Career listings are available within the the categories Accounting and Finance, Clerical and Administrative, Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing and Operations, Technology and Computers, and Transportation and Logistics. Currently very few job listings are available in customer service, human resources, and legal categories with the majority of listings in manufacturing and operations as well as tech, and transportation.

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IAP also offers non-government sector career paths that are dedicated to international betterment. With distinct categories to choose from such as Expeditionary Infrastructure where you can be placed on design teams, construction jobs, or disaster relief and Power Solutions where you can help provide renewable energy and manage power plant operations, you can feel good about the work that you do for the world.

With progress being made globally by IAP, progressive thinking and practices have been made internally as well. Feel comfortable in knowing that IAP World Wide Services is an equal opportunity employer, providing women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities with career paths that suit their needs. When using IAP Worldwide to find your future occupation, variety and support await each and every potential employee.