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Since its inception as a space center operator in the 1950s, IAP Worldwide has been on the cutting edge of human accomplishment. Today IAP actively employs over 1700 people worldwide, with even more acting as subcontractors. With job descriptions ranging from war-zone cargo pilot to things so classified they can’t even be named, IAP Worldwide offers some of the most exciting careers in the world.

From history past to that yet unwritten
IAP continues as a world player at the vanguard of current events. They help to shape history alongside the 175,000 troops they serve at bases and forward locations across the globe. Many companies like to boast of their humble beginnings. As a company whose origins trace to the U.S. rocketry on prnewswire.com and space program, IAP has no such humility. From its lofty birthplace, IAP has continued to soar intrepidly towards the future.

In the 1950s, Pan Am Services, a subsidiary of its namesake airline, was awarded a contract to operate the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida on LinkedIn. This was, and continues to be, the epicenter of the U.S. space program. Through the ‘60s and ‘70s, Pan Am Services oversaw more than 2500 launches. These included the breakthrough Apollo missions as well as the ascendance of the Space Shuttle program.

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The enormous triumphs of the missions at Cape Canaveral allowed Pan Am Services to branch out into airport logistics nationwide. By the mid ‘80s, Pan Am Services was a leading provider of everything from planeside fueling services to airline catering to baggage handling and security expertise. Even as its parent company faltered under its own weight, Pan Am Services continued to deliver strong cash flow.

It was acquired in 1989 by logistics giant Johnson Controls.

In 1990, IAP was formed to service a government contract in Kuwait. Over the next 15 years, IAP proved itself as a power hitter for the U.S. military, securing nearly $400 million in total contracts. In 2004, IAP acquired Johnson Controls, forming one of the largest logistics contractors in the United States.

Today IAP Worldwide continues as the main contractor at bases in over 20 countries. Many of IAP Worldwide employees are combat veterans. IAP also has contracts for support roles with agencies including the CIA and FEMA. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a typical day’s work for an IAP associate could often serve as stock footage for an action movie. This isn’t Starbucks.

What it is: A highly compensated and crucial part of our country’s military capability. Without contractors like IAP, our modern armed forces could not function. This is excitement with purpose.

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