How Securus Technology Has Created Cost Effective Communication

Securus Technology has, for years, been instrumental in the development of innovative technology for the criminal justice industry. This company is currently regarded as the leading company in products and tool development for prisons. Consumers are well aware of the leaps and bounds that Securus Technology has taken in the field of corrective facility communication, but are not as aware of the benefit this technology has brought to the average citizen. Though the effective technology created by Securus Technology has had a remarkable effect on the corrections industry, it has also contributed to the lowering of taxes upon ordinary citizens by dramatically reducing the costs associated with inmate communication within facilities.
Securus Technology has lowered the costs of inmate communication across the United States according to a PR Newswire report. This cost effective model comes as a result of the specific user interface that the communication model uses. Securus Technology developed a video and audio communications system that allows inmates to speak with their family members and loved ones through a network that operates using network data instead of the traditional method of using a networked telephone system. The use of a data network for communication purposes has drastically reduced the costs of operations in prison facilities.

Through the lowering of the overall costs associated with inmate communication in corrective facilities, Securus America Technology has effectively created a business model that is beneficial to both the industry that they directly serve, and to the community at large. Many people believe that service to the corrections industry only serves to produce a better life for those who have violated the laws of the land, but do not realize that innovative technologies that are created to serve large corporate industries, such as the corrections industry, also serve to benefit the general consumer by providing goods and services that don’t require tax payer dollars and that keep the public safe. You can find more information about this subject here. Or watch this video: