How Online Reviews Can Tank A Business

All business owners are heavily aware of online views especially one big social review sites like Yelp and many people use customer reviews as a way to determine if they should eat somewhere or buy a product. This simple process is how many people operate now a days which isn’t a bad system, however as a business owner you can get buried in bad reviews. Recently a restaurant owner received one star ratings not because of the quality of his food but because of the price and small portion sizes. Instead of ignoring them he emailed each customer, switched around prices and created larger portions which in turn got all those reviews from one star to five star. Not only did he show he truly cares about his customers he got them to come back and his revenue has increased because of the positive reviews that have come from his actions.

People underestimate their online presence, even as simple as using Facebook for both private and work related social media. Status Labs is a dedicate PR firm that works solely on online presence for both companies and individuals. From Fortune 500 Companies to politicians the team at Status Labs counters any negative media coverage, pictures and articles floating around the internet.

Having an online reputation gets to the masses faster than ever, even news channels have Twitter feed and online blog to post stories and updates in real time. Google search has revolutionized the way media is shared as well, and Status Labs makes a great effort to cleanse the first page of their client’s google search. According to statistics 87% of people don’t go past the first google result page which means if all they see is negative information that’s all they’ll see. By burying negative results with updated and positive findings it can enhance a tattered reputation.

They also help fix google image searches, create social media accounts and guide people to maintain or create a positive online presence. Status Labs wrangles in the way media is spread both bad and good to create a great online image for their clients.