How About A Trip to the Sci-Fi Version of the West Coast?

The west coast of the United States is unique in many ways. In the 19th century, as people moved west, an enormous number of great discoveries were made. Over the years, as the industrial revolution exploded to change the world, the west coast — and elsewhere — changed. In the 20th century, a number of amazing artistic changes combined with advancements in engineering and technology. This led to architectural experimentation on a grand scale.


People wish to visit the amazing sites of various structures and properties to look at the glory of mid-20th century architecture. Tourists interested in seeing such structures are able to look at something extremely interesting. The old architecture was once intended to be the architecture of the future. Interestingly, this “old modernism” still presents a glimpse into the possible future of what real estate may look like.


Looking at the design of a number of these properties can lead one into thinking he or she is peering into the set of a new science-fiction film. Maybe the person is watching and old sci-fi television show. In reality, the person is peering at architecture that is decades old and, ironically, remains an image of a possible future.


The west coast’s “modern utopia” is home to some truly stunning and brilliant works of futuristic art and architecture. There are so many wonderful reasons to visit the west coast of the United States. A trip to see all these unique architectural designs is almost like visiting a museum weaved into the landscape of a state. Actually, doing so is not so much “almost like” as much as it actually is. The uniqueness of examining such things is what makes these sojourns so memorable.


A visit to the west coast can encompass many different adventures. Sightseeing is probably one that people are most interested in when they hope to absorb the glory and grandeur of the Golden State of California and other points west. For a truly unique sightseeing experience,visiting all these neo-futurist architecture sights is worth investment.