Hillary Clinton Thinks The California Debate With Bernie Sanders Is A Waste Of Time

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to controversy. Clinton has been able to dodge and deflect most of the issues that show her making poor decisions and creating more issues than she has been credited with solving. Clinton told the country that she would participate in a California debate with Bernie Sanders before the June 7th primary, but in true Clinton fashion, she is reneging on that promise. Hillary thinks she is the Democratic nominee, and at this point, another debate with Sanders is a waste of time as far as she is concerned. <br><br>
Political analysts say Clinton has a right to back out of the debate. If she agrees to debate Sanders again, it could damage her already damaged persona. <a href=”http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/may/19/hillary-clinton-ducking-final-debate-with-bernie-s/”>According to an article published by Washingtontimes.com, Clinton declared the contest over on May 18th on CNN, and she is setting her sights on Donald Trump.</a> Sanders is a non-issue now. <br><br>
But Bernie Sanders isn’t going away. Clinton is running a campaign, but Bernie Sanders is leading a movement. A political and social movement that is long overdue in the United States. His grass roots movement has grabbed the attention of voters around the country. More people are interested in the election this year, because this is the year that the hostage agenda that the two party system has promoted for years is beginning to crack, and it is finally being exposed for what it is. <br><br>