Heavy Metal Brazilian

At an early age, when most midteens only dream about becoming a metal rock star, very few have success. Those that are prosperous could easily be tempted by the lifestyle to live in the moment, and wait for the best thing. A lesser known exception to this rule would be Cassio Audi, a founding member (original drummer and vocals) of the Brazilian metal band Viper, who appeared on their first demo, The Killera Sword in 1985 and stayed throughout the rise of Viper’s intercontinental success until 1989. More than drumming, he also helped compose songs (both music and lyrics), lent a hand in marketing, while also promoting Viper. Cassio’s diligence lead to gigs and airtime the band otherwise may not have received. He essentially managed the band, which is why Viper has the following it does today. He remains infamous in the Brazillian rock band industry for both vocals, and drumming. Most of Viper’s success came from Cassio’s management skills.

While being a freshman in high school with a promising career in the music industry, some would be persuaded to bypass college.It Cassio Audi continued his education and continued on his management in finance, and with that, came great fortune. Just 9 years after Viper’s demo debut of The Killera Sword, Cassio graduated in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 1994. He then also got an MBA in 1999. It is safe to say this man has talents beyond measure, especially in management and finance.