“I Was Hacked!” You’re not Alone

With devastating impacts on its victims as real and costly as any other threats to individuals and businesses, cyber-crime is one of the most serious threats of the 21st century. The increasing frequency of attacks by hacker networks and their virus applications affect everyone from non-technical internet users to government entities and the largest firms.


Recent coverage of the WannaCry ransomware revealed that more than 400,000 computers were infected in more than 150 countries. Affected domestic firms included Honda, Hitachi and FedEx with The National Health System in the UK and Spain’s Telefonica being high-profile overseas victims.


Projected costs as high as $2 trillion annually by 2019, reveal the financial threat of cyber-attacks to business, government and consumer infrastructures.


To address the issue, both the Obama and Trump administrations have directed resources and provided budget proposals to address cyber-crime, which has increased from $100 billion in damage costs in 2013 to estimates as high as $500 billion in 2016.

The unfortunate reality is that those who find themselves hacked are not alone and they may find themselves the victims of more personal crimes in the future such as financial fraud and identity theft.


About Rubica


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