Greg Secker- Financial Freedom Realization

Greg Secker has mastered how to build wealth through Forex and has continually shared this awareness through training other people. He is known as the millionaire who has been able to accomplish financial freedom. Born on 18th February 1975, Greg attended the University of Nottingham and manages his own Foundation that deals in serving individuals and communities around the world to improve the quality of their lives.


Greg was trading in the 1990s at Thomas Cook Financial Services. There, he developed financial systems which assisted in Forex trading transactions and received a recognition award for being innovative.


Due to his expertise in the Forex investment industry, Greg was regularly called by media houses to share this wisdom, and this led to his career as a public speaker as well as a motivational speaker. He speaks internationally alongside some of the best-known speakers such as Anthony Robins and Robert Kiyosaki among many others. He receives a standing ovation for his great performances.


Greg Secker is described by many as a philanthropist due to his passion for his community and the youth and also for his actions of giving back. Among many other projects that he has done, Greg pioneered a development project in the Philippines which entailed building houses, and 100 homes were completed from this project. This earned him an identity among the most influential philanthropist and social entrepreneurs in the world.


He has also written several books such as Financial Freedom through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success, and contributed to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success, a book written by entrepreneurs.


Greg grew his entrepreneurship skills by working with some of the most experienced and best traders in the world. He scaled his personal trading crew and at some point he had a choice to stay or leave Melon Financial Corporation where he was a Vice President.


He owns Learn to Trade, Europe’s top trader platform that helps investors to transact online and attain their way to financial freedom and also build their wealth.