Greg Hague Shakes Up The Real Estate Industry

Greg Hague is a renowned businessman, lawyer, real estate consultant, and entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a former Dale Carnegie instructor and has keynoted over 500 real estate events across the country. Greg Hague is the author of How Fathers Change Lives a “Chicken Soup” collection of “52 Lessons from Remarkable Dads.” 52 examples of doing it right. The stories are inspiring, touching and fun. The life lessons are great.

In his 35-year career, he is best known for shaking things up in the residential real estate industry. Hague has built several real estate firms and now speaks at events across the country. Greg Hague started Real Estate Mavericks in the late 1980s in Arizona. He is a pioneer in revolutionizing home sales. He developed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan as the beginning stages leading to a better direction and Greg Hague hopes to change the way agents sell houses which has not changed since the last 75 years. He refers to the current traditional home buying and selling process as hope marketing, Hodge plans to turn the real estate process around with his new real estate venture, the Real Estate Mavericks, which is a new real estate coaching company. His research shows current marketing results in a 3 to 8 percent drop in home prices, below the asking price. Hague criticizes the way the real estate industry has no advanced selling systems in place, for instance like the way Apple and Amazon products are sold than expensive homes.

Greg Hague is also the founder of the 990 Company. The 990 Company is based on a simple model that sells homes for only $990. The same program of 990 sells homes ensures that their sellers are able to attract more buyers which is a tremendous savings to the homeowner. The 990 Company has a unique program that allows a win-win program in real estate. More information about this program can be found here.

Real Estate Mavericks program reveals strategies in getting the word out quickly and getting at least “50 homes listed in 50 days” to help capture buyers’ attention and help guide the local market, which also has the increased benefit of keeping homes occupied and increasing property values. Hague explains that buyers love to see homes that aren’t yet officially on the market and are more likely to pay more than they would if the home was already out there for a while. With his unique strategy he conducts a pre-launch marketing campaign. He would have “drip feeds” of information about a great home coming soon into the market, to create curiosity and interest.