The Great Victories of Avaaz

Avaaz has proved to be the world’s largest and most powerful activist movement through the notable changes they have brought to the leadership in various countries. Ricken Patel founded the movement in 2007, amongst many other cofounders. The firm has attracted over forty-seven million members and it has successfully established a strong network in 194 countries. The team members of Avaaz are focused towards achieving a common goal, to unite people in all countries as well as bring equality in the leadership of all countries.

Avaaz promotes global activism through their powerful online activist network. The network allows people from different races and countries to share their opinions in various languages, to come up with effective solutions to deal with issues that are not appealing to the countries citizens.

Climate change and human rights have always been among the major focus of Avaaz and the firm’s leaders have strived to advocate for equal treatments of people since the establishment of the firm. Avaaz was recently applauded for its ability to advocate for the signing of Paris Climate Accord in 2015, which served in favor of over 1.5 million people in the country.

Additionally, Avaaz team members have also played a major role in advocating for the conservation of marine life in every country. The firm recently saw the United Kingdom set aside marine reserves in the country, with an aim of promoting survival of animals in the marines. The achievements of Avaaz are notable and many people have applauded their contributions towards creating a better life.

Avaaz team also pays close attention towards communication and it has strived to promote a conducive environment for their team members to communicate efficiently. Avaaz facilitates communication among its members via emails and their LinkedIn page. The team members of the firm are change-oriented and they look towards bringing a revolution in the way of the leadership of every country in the globe.

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