Governor Brown Claps Back At President’s Twitter Attack

Governor Jerry Brown (D) of California and President Donald Trump have never really seen eye to eye on, well, anything. The two have had a few squabbles and it seems like that is just how their unique relationship works. Most recently, Brown was all too please to take the opportunity to use Trump’s own words against him.

Just one day after President Trump declared that April would be “second chance month”, he returned to his favorite social media platform to take Brown to task for pardoning immigrants in an effort to give them just that, a second chance. Brown wasted no time in pointing out that Trump’s own words, which were available on the White House web site, stated that April was a month to celebrate those who have left the prison system and successfully been able to rejoin society, a month of expanding opportunities for people who have served their time and worked to overcome their past bad choices.

During the time of Good Friday and Passover, Brown reduced 14 sentences and granted 56 pardons. All of those who were pardoned had finished serving their sentences years prior and seemingly had earned their pardons. Five of those pardons were granted to immigrants, which was the point President Trump had an issue with. In a tweet he mentioned that Brown had pardoned criminal illegal aliens who committed crimes like robbery, kidnapping, abuse and drug related crimes, then asked if this is what the people of that state really want. Brown was quick to take to social media to reply that in a month that the President himself noted was a time to celebrate those who had successfully completed their sentences and have successfully rejoined society, and he and his state are happy to celebrate those second chances for all people who have worked to turn around their lives.

While it is no surprise that President Trump and Brown are not seeing eye to eye, it is certainly a feud that people everywhere are keeping an eye on. Aside from these small spats, the state and the President’s administration have been involved in a series of lawsuits that go back and forth over rules and regulations each side is proposing. For more information on this topic, click here.